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National Clean Our Your Garage Day

Every Day Can Be Clean Out Your Garage Day

National Clean Out Your Garage Day

by Maura Grunlund / Staten Island Advance


If you can't fit your car in the garage anymore because it's so cluttered it's time for a clean sweep.  The Saturday after Labor Day has been declared National Clean Out Your Garage Day.


Clearing debris and organizing the garage may even prevent injury. Nearly 4 in 10 adults have tripped over an item in their cluttered garage, 27 percent have hit an object when opening a vehicle door and 22 percent have accidentally hit something when parking, according to a survey cited by the Lehigh Group. The garage often is used as dumping ground so now is the time to sort through the stuff and throw out rusty tools, broken toys, worn out sports gear and other items that haven't been used more than a year.


The next task is to group and store like items together such as automotive supplies, sports equipment and gardening tools.  Make use of wall and ceiling space by installing hanging shelves, slatwall systems, storage rails and overhead storage systems.  Place toxic items such a weed killers in high cabinets or lockable tool chests and secure electrical cords.


Be sure to allow enough space for auto doors to open and for people to comfortably walk around the vehicle.  Almost half of American reported they have soiled their clothes while rubbing against a vehicle.


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